Israel Inside U


A program for Hebrew schools,
day schools, youth groups
and summer camps

Stimulating interactive and fun, this
program is setting a new standard in
informal Israel education


ISRAEL INSIDE U is a seven-part program beginning with the award-winning film Israel Inside: How a Small Nation Makes a Big Difference. Taking a fresh approach, this one-of-a-kind program inspires students, reinforcing their feeling of pride in Israel while building a sense of belonging to the Jewish People.

The educational package includes:

  • Award-winning film Israel Inside: How a Small Nation Makes a Big Difference
  • 6 film classes featuring Tal and Israeli actor Effie Bibi.Topics include: Family, Chuptzah, Adversity to Advantage, Education, Taking Action and Tikkun Olam.
  • Each film is accompanied by a corresponding activity

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Each episode is about 10 minutes and corresponding activity is another 10-20 minutes. Each class is self-contained and is independent of the others.



The 6 Actualizer series is fantastic and my classes are really engaged… I really appreciate all the important work that you are doing.”

Leon Covitz, I-Center Atlanta

The staff viewed the film and discussed the idea of ‘actualizers’ together using some of the accompanying lesson plans... Counselors state that not only did they love watching the film, but that they feel that their campers ‘just have to’ watch it as well."

Lisa Richman, Education Director, Camp Ramah in the Poconos

Our campers loved watching the film. It got them excited to visit Israel when they get older, and served as a great conversation starter with our Israeli staff.”

Sue Ansul, Director, Ramah Day Camp

We did a focus group with Israeli counselors and they loved that it showcased THEIR Israel rather than camp like Israel, which tends to be just songs and games. The film was then shown to older campers, who said it really showed what made Israel unique."

Danny Reed, Education Director at Camp Judaea

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